Before you Come

Clean skin reduces the risk of irritation, so lotions, oils, deodorants and/or makeup should be avoided on the areas to be treated if possible.

Refrain to use irritating agents (AHA, Retinol, etc.) one week prior to your appointment.


Avoid using deodorant or antiperspirant before having work done on the underarm.


Avoid  exposure to sun on the area to be treated 48 hours before your appointment.


Be hydrated! Drink an adequate amount of H2O a day or two before.  This will help get better results and less pain. 


Avoid caffeine or other stimulants on the day of appointment. 


Women, treatment may feel more intense during your menstrual cycle. You may want to book appointments around your period. 


Relax... Arrive early enough to allow yourself some time to relax for a few minutes. 


Studies show taking your preferred pain reliever before the treatment may help reduce pain.


You may apply a topical anesthetic such as "Super Numb" to the area to be treated. Follow manufactures instructions.



After You Leave

After all Electrolysis procedures, the following steps must be followed.


Refrain to use irritating agents (AHA, Retinol, etc.) 1 week after electrolysis treatment.

Do not touch, stretch or manipulate treated area for at least 24 hours following treatment.

Refrain from strenuous physical activity for 48 hours after intervention

Refrain from using a sauna, whirlpool, or swimming pool for 48 hours following treatment. 


Clean treated area very gently using fingers and facial cleanser. Do not use face cloth, facial brush or sponges.


If you wish to wear makeup over treated area, apply foundation very gently, using clean fingers. Avoid sponges as they may harbour bacteria.


To avoid hyperpigmentation, use a sun block and avoid sun exposure, including tanning salons for one week.


Warning If scabs are present, do not remove them. Removing scabs may leave red marks on the skin lasting several months

What is Electrolysis?

•Electrolysis is a permanent solution to unwanted hair. It’s been safely and effectively practiced since 1875.

•There are 3 modalities. Your electrologist will choose the best method for you.

Thermolysis: Destroying hair by heat.

Galvanic: The original Electrolysis. Destroying hair by chemical reaction- The current changes the natural salt and water in the follicle into lye which is sodium hydroxide, chlorine and hydrogen gas. Lye is developed in the follicle and it destroys the germative cells that make the hair grow.

Blend: Destroying hair by both heat and chemical reaction.

How  does it work?

•Your electrologist chooses the best setting for your hair and skin type.

•A tiny single-use sterile probe about the same size as your hair is chosen.  

•The probe is gently slid into the follicle. The skin is not pierced and you won’t feel the insertion.

•Then, a tiny amount of current is applied and the hair is slid out. You won’t feel this either.

•Move on quickly to the next, repeat!

How often do I need to come? 

•Regardless if you come once a month or week, you will get results. Every time you leave the office, you leave with less hair permanently!  

•Every situation is unique. If you have a heavy growth of hair, you can come every 1-2 weeks. The duration depends on your skin type, pain tolerance and scheduling. For example, a female with PCOS and heavy growth on chin and neck will probably start coming once a week until we can treat all the hairs in one session. Then, we will space the out every 2 weeks and so on. 

If you have a few chin and upper lip hairs, or really sensitive skin, you'll space them out further.

         This is where you book  your consultation! 

             All  questions your will be answered.

Why Electrolysis?

•It’s permanent!  It’s the only FDA recognized method of permanent hair removal.

•It’s safe! The machine used at Pulse is highly advanced and it protects the clients skin and won’t cause hyperpigmentation.  You’ll love your new beautiful skin after the hair is all gone!

•It’s affordable! It may sound like a lot at first, but it’s a wise investment and yields great long term savings.  No more expensive temporary solutions like razors, stinky creams, trips to the waxing salon,  threader or sugarer… if that’s a word? 

Will I need more than  one treatment?

•Electrolysis is a series of treatments. The number of treatments needed is as unique as each of you are. There are several factors such as hormones, endocrine disorders, overall health, density of hair and growth cycles that determine the total number of treatments needed.

On average it will take anywhere from 12-18 months for absolute permanency. 

To save money and have faster results, it's ideal to be committed to maintaining timely appointments until all the unwanted hairs are gone.  

• Think of it like a personal trainer, you'll get that ideal body you desire if you follow their program religiously. You'll get mediocre results if you follow it just sometimes. Same principle with electrolysis, except for less sweating...


How long does my hair have to be? 

• We need to see the hair to treat the hair. Typically 3 days of growth is appropriate. However, for your first appointment, the longer you can grow it out the better idea of the overall growth and the better the consultation. 

However, I don't expect you to grow out your facial hair completely if you have a five o'clock shadow kind of growth. 1/8 " is good enough. 


1 Hour $75*

45 Minutes $65

30 Minutes $50

15 Minutes $35


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